Monday, April 11, 2016

I Loathe You (and a podcast)

We all know the story of Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare from Guess How Much I Love You. Their story of one-upping the expanse of their love for each other is a classic. Well, have you ever considered how monsters express their love for one another? You haven't? Then run out and grab this book immediately:

I Loathe You, written and illustrated by David Slonim (Aladdin, 2012), tells the heart-warming story of Big Monster and Little Monster and the expanse of their loathing. With the typical pre-bedtime "I loathe you" uttered, Little Monster begins a series of questions about how much Big Monster loathes him. Big Monster has plenty of answers ready:

More than fuzzy mold on cheese,
more than fever or disease!
Picture lobsters pinching me...
I loathe you more -- now do you see?

Little Monster is reassured. But wait -- now he's worried that he might do something to diminish his father's loathing for him!

If I blurt out "THANKS," or "PLEASE"?
Or take a bath and kill my fleas?
If I should slip and just obey
then would your loathing go away?
Big Monster once again calms Little Monster's worries and assures him that his loathing will never go away.

What a hoot! I love a book with a twist, and this once certainly makes you feel warm and fuzzy about family loathing. :) Slonim's storytelling in rhyme is fun and well-paced, and he employs just the right amount of monsterly description to make you say "ew..." And his illustrations are equally important to the story: you feel for Little Monster with his snaggle-toothed lovey, and the colorful scenes have action and comedy and excellent framing.

I hope you enjoy!

* * *

In other news, I have really been enjoying the treasure trove of ideas and wisdom that I've found in the newly-launched All the Wonders podcast (previously named the "Let's Get Busy" podcast).

I'm training for a trail run at the beginning of June, and, rather than listening to music while I run, I love listening to podcasts. It's killing two birds with one stone to be training AND absorbing information and inspiration. I know it won't all stick, but certain nuggets will. So thankful for this resource!

Happy Monday!



  1. Fun coincidence-We checked out I Loathe You from our library this week. I love Matthew Winner and all he does for kids and the books they love. He was kind enough to interview me on LGB when I released my first picture book last year. It is exciting to see how he and the other people behind All The Wonders are sharing their talents with us.

    1. That IS a funny coincidence. And I didn't know you'd been interviewed on LGB! But I just looked -- Episode 138. I plan to give it a listen!