Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer Review

Whew! Another summer has come and gone, and it was insanely busy. Good, but busy. My youngest is two now, and I had her with a sitter one day a week. This allowed me a little bit of a break and made it easier to take the older two to places that might not be so easy with a toddler, like movies. Though, really, we ended up at the pool most of those days. :) Some highlights in pics:

In terms of work, I didn't get much personal or professional writing done, which was at times discouraging. I didn't blog but once, and I didn't make much progress with writing. But we were all still reading, and I was absorbing kidlit info and inspiration through podcasts and Instagram posts.

My own Instagram feed got some love, and I posted today about our biggest obsession this past summer:

Now that the kids are back in school (even Vivy's in school two mornings a week!), I plan to focus more on writing. I'm going through the lessons in Pam Calvert's Picture Book University, and then I'm registered for a class taught by children's author Nancy Polette starting next month. I'm excited! Then, of course, in November comes Tara Lazar's PiBoIdMo. I discovered her website juuuuuuust after PiBoIdMo ended last year, so I've been looking forward to participating in this year's community of inspiration for months now.

To summarize the summer in a bookish way:

Fave kidlit book read: Ms. Bixby's Last Day

Fave kidlit podcast: All the Wonders interview with Lin Oliver

Kidlit book read most in our house over the past three months: Hannah and Sugar by Kate Berube

How was your summer? Did you read any amazing kid lit? Did you make any progress in your own writing ventures?

Happy reading,