Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Those Darn Squirrels!

Well, this book tugged right at my heart. An old man...his love for birds...his loneliness...and fuzzy little geniuses. Add 'em together and you've got one adorable little story:

I know -- Those Darn Squirrels! was published in 2008 (Clarion Books) -- but I just now read it for the first time! Old Man Fookwire is a grump, but he loves birds. He loves to paint them in the summer ("Fookwire's paintings weren't very good, but the birds never said anything."), and grows sad when it is time for them to fly south. So he constructs beautiful birdfeeders to keep them around longer. Only there's one problem: those darn squirrels! The squirrels are eating all the food, and Fookwire is not happy -- until a very sweet gesture unites them all.

Adam Rubin has a talent for creating a heart-warming story with a lot of hilarity thrown in. From the names of the birds, to the squirrels' nighttime snack, to the strategizing of those clever geniuses, the story is so entertaining. And Daniel Salmieri's charming illustrations make the story alive and endearing: the crooked old man, the fuzzy-tailed squirrels, the ensemble at the end. It's truly a work that will make children smile. Just looks at those adorable squirrels:

If you haven't read this one with your kiddos, yet, I highly recommend it. Other books by this team include New York Times bestseller Dragons Love TacosSecret Pizza Party, and newly published Robo-Sauce. They make a great pair!



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