Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Giveaway!

Have you heard of the Midge and Moo series of picture books? Kerry McQuaide is the author and illustrator of six lovable and educational stories featuring Midge and her beloved stuffed animal, Moo. And through June 10, she is hosting a giveaway!

The books:

Midge and Moo are best friends. They came home from the hospital together when Midge was just two days old, and they do everything together. If Midge builds a tower, Moo knocks it down. If Midge tracks mud in the house, Moo gets the blame, too. They are always there for each other, and readers will find that Moo gives Midge the confidence she needs to explore, learn, and grow. I just love the sweet interactions between this little one and her lovie.

With colorful and playful illustrations on each spread, children will get a zoomed-in view of the relatable activities between Midge and Moo. The stories are short and sweet with just a few words per spread -- perfect for repeat reading with kiddos ages 0-5.

The author:

Kerry McQuaide grew up with parents and sisters who believed snuggling and laughing were a part of reading picture books. And now, she hopes to touch lives with her own stories of love, kindness, and friendship.

"When you read to kids, it is magical when you all laugh at the same part.
It is a wonderful way to slow down and bond. And kids are so funny,
they’ll ask the same questions over and over. “Is her mom mad at her?”
or “Why is she sad?” They are processing the world they see
reflected in the books and the human emotions they experience
in their own lives through theses stories."

The giveaway:

Through June 10, Kerry McQuaide is hosting a fun giveaway. You could win all of the Midge and Moo picture books, the brand new Midge and Moo Coloring Books, plus crayons of course (8 books total)!

I think this would be a fabulous way to build or enhance a library for your little one. Snuggle up and read the stories together, and then, the next day, revisit the themes through coloring together.

Enter here! (Scroll down just bit to enter.)

And if you don't win but would still like to enjoy the Midge and Moo books, they are available here.

Happy reading!


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