Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Hungry Lion

There are so many wonderful books out there. Daily, I read about book birthdays or up-and-coming new releases, and I either immediately request them from my library or mentally file them away as "must reads."

But then sometimes life happens, and that mental file box malfunctions -- and I forget to get that desired book until months later. And that's what just happened with A Hungry Lion, or a Dwindling Assortment of Animals.

I cannot believe we haven't read this book sooner! But I'm so glad we have it now. Released in March of this year (Atheneum), and written by art director/illustrator Lucy Ruth Cummins, A Hungry Lion, or a Dwindling Assortment of Animals is the story of a very hungry lion and a cast of additional animals. But wait -- the animals keep disappearing! What could be happening?! Well, readers (and little listeners) think they know -- but they don't know. This book has a twist -- and then another surprise -- and then another!

The surprising twists in the book serve to elicit different reactions from the reader. At once amused, you are then touched ("Awwww!"), and then you are horrified, and then you are laughing again! These twists make this book sooooo fun to read with kids.

Accompanying this fun story are Cummins' playful illustrations. That bold, hungry lion sits among an otherwise muted palette of characters who are smiling pleasantly. Each page turn brings a surprising detail -- missing animals, dancing bunnies, a mischievous grin on the lion's face.

Cummins' use of marker and gouache (just love those bold strokes in that lion's mane) -- paired with her unique narrative voice -- have created a book that is truly kid tested, mother approved. Add this one to our faves of 2016!

* * *

And you know my love for the All the Wonders resource of podcasts. Check out their episode with Lucy Ruth Cummins. I really enjoyed this one!

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