Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gateway Books

Yesterday, on my Instagram account, I posted about the latest bookish podcast that I adore. In episode #51 of Anne Bogel's What Should I Read Next, she talks with the creators and hosts of The Baby-sitters Club Club podcast.

How awesome is that?! A podcast devoted to the beloved series and gateway books for so many of us. And perhaps the best part? The hosts are two men in their thirties. 😂

If you grew up reading these books like I did, you are going to want to check out this podcast. Each episode is devoted to one of the books in the series, and they go in chronological order. The hosts, Jack and Tanner, take their discussion ever-so-seriously. It is a riot. For instance, they explore the question that has been plaguing us all: did the sitters need to take out a small-business loan to get their business up and running? Also, what is up with Stacy's suspicious behavior? Well, of course they can't discuss that until episode 3. :) The discussion is a hoot, completely tongue-in-cheek, and oh so nostalgic.

I adored these books. Adored. I saw myself in the characters and wanted to be like them (and write like them. Remember the diary entries?? I loved their handwriting!).

These were the gateway books in my life -- the books that got me constantly reading and wanting to read more. And I never stopped reading after I grew out of them.

I also remember the books that had me reading and running to the bookstore for new releases after I grew past the BSC -- Christopher Pike novels. Did you read his books? Not quite as silly as the Goosebumps books, but not nearly as sinister as Stephen King's work, Pike's teen thriller novels had me hooked!

There was death and murder and malice and suspense, and I loved the thrill of it all. I'm grateful that my parents let me read what interested me. I eventually moved out of my teen thriller phase onto other literature, but these gateway books opened doors to a lifetime of reading.

Take a trip down memory lane -- what were the gateway books in your life?

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