Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Vintage Goodie

A popular book in our household -- and one that my parents saved from my sister's and my childhood -- is The Spotted Dotted Puppy. Have you read it?

I just love that colorful, vintage cover! Published in 1961 by Whitman Pub. Co., our copy has seen better days; it is well-loved and has been patched many times. The inside even has my name written by my dad. :)

Written by Steffi Fletcher and illustrated by Art Seiden, The Spotted Dotted Puppy tells the story of four dogs. Three of the dogs believe they are big, fierce animals, and behave accordingly. Their bravado gets them into all kinds of scrapes and they are ultimately apprehended and placed in the zoo.

For years, our family has repeated the mantra of the puppy who thinks he is an elephant:

Such attitude. :)

The spotted, dotted puppy, however, does not think he is anything other than a puppy. He knows exactly what he wants. He looks for a house with a bicycle in front of it, and finds his family.

I really think this book was ahead of its time. It contains themes of self-acceptance, being yourself, and contentment. The ending is so very sweet and satisfying, and the messages in the book make it a joy to read with children. Add to that the sweet, playful illustrations of the dogs and their antics -- set in a time and place that evokes feelings of a simpler time -- and you can understand why this is a favorite.

One last thing: This book is still available for purchase on Amazon! (And maybe elsewhere??) I hope you get a chance to read it!


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